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Shooting / Solène Gomis

Shooting / Tim Onthegram

Shooting / Sylvie Dinh - Fondation Cartier

Shooting / Chloé & Ophélie Berenger

Shooting / Jessica Machado

Shooting / Juliet Lemonnier

Shooting / Manon Chaillou

Shooting / Doralyse Brumain

Shooting / Anna

Shooting / Valentine Desseint

Shooting / Julie

Shooting / Stella JB


Plateau / "Viens on danse" - Directed by Florence Fauquet - Production Arte & Melocoton Films


My portfolio features a collection of celebrity portraits from cinema and music.

Through my photography, I aim to capture the unique essence and personality of each individual, showcasing their talent and charisma.



Gilles Lellouche

François Civil

Alexandre Astier

Eric Judor

Reda Kateb

Louise Bourgoin

Cédric Klapisch

Jonathan Cohen

Brand content

Nikon Z 5 special shooting with Mike Bujoli


"Journey Through My Lens" : A visual chronicle of my adventures, capturing the beauty and diversity of the world's cultures and landscapes.

About me

I'm passionate about capturing the essence of individuals through the art of portrait photography.

With years of experience, I've had the privilege of working with a diverse range of people, each with their own unique stories.

My approach to portrait photography is highly personalized, with a focus on bringing out the personality and distinctive beauty of every model. Whether it's crafting compelling headshots, preserving cherished moments at events, or creating lasting memories through portrait sessions, my goal is to create images that evoke emotions and stand the test of time.

Let's tell your story through captivating portraits.

Contact me to book your session and let's create beautiful memories together.


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